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Proper way to take care of young trees

Young trees can be quite sensitive. After all, they’re still newly planted and not yet strong enough to withstand every challenge that might come their way.

Their roots are not yet strong enough and so they need all the TLC that you can provide them. And they need it the most in the first few years of their existence after planting.

If trees receive the best care possible in those first few years, then it can do wonders for their health in the long-term sense. 

That is why it is so crucial to learn the proper way to take care of young trees. It can eventually spell the difference if they survive or not.

We list down a few of those ways so you can guarantee that your young trees will grow properly:

Deep Watering

Young trees require deep watering. Obviously, young and newly planted trees require regular watering if they are to survive at all. It helps maintain their good health and also helps in preventing them from getting diseases. If you do proper deep watering on your young trees, you’ll help encourage the growth of robust roots beneath the ground. Weak surface roots will also be prevented from growing.

Weeds and Grass are Not Welcome

Weeds and grass are not welcome as they compete with the young trees for nutrients and moisture. That is why it’s so important that you make sure that the base of the young tree is kept free of other living things that could compete with them. Weeds and grass are certainly at the top of the list of those other living things and plants.

Use Mulch

Mulch is helpful in taking care of young trees. They’re useful in helping conserve moisture for the trees and keeping the weeds at bay. To start using the mulch, cover the soil with at least 3 inches of mulch. Make sure that you start a few inches away from the base of the tree trunk. Extend the mulch up to about 1 to 2 feet from the young tree in every direction.

No to Chemicals

Chemicals are harmful to young trees just as they are harmful to all other kinds of plants. Pesticides and herbicides are usually applied to different kinds of plants and it’s not going to help any young tree at all. It can just do so much damage to the young tree’s leaves and roots. So keep any harsh chemicals away from them as much as possible.

Soil Moisture Needs to be Checked

You need to check the amount of moisture in the soil constantly. Do this check about once a week and up to 6 inches beneath the surface of the soil. The soil only needs to be moist and not overly wet at all.

So much more can be added to these and they are all part of the proper way to take care of young trees. If you happen to have newly planted and young trees on your property, all you have to do is follow these simple tips and you won’t go wrong. Visit our Tree Stump Grinding in Forth Worth Today.