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Tree care tips for the summer season

Our idea of summer is that it’s a time for adventure and fun. Most of us consider it a time to get out and enjoy the outdoors. And why not? It certainly offers a fantastic chance for individuals and families to enjoy life outside of their homes.

In the midst of all the opportunities that summertime affords, we also need to consider other activities. Such as caring for our trees. If you happen to have a tree or even more, then you need to take this chance to provide proper care for each of them.

Summer is as great a time as any to shower your trees with all the love and care that you can provide. 

Here then are some tree care tips for the summer season:

Proper Irrigation

Proper irrigation is a necessity for tree care during the summer season. During those months, the heat might be a bit too much for the trees if they’re not watered properly. This becomes even more important for the young and newly-planted trees. How much water do the trees need? Your trees would require about one inch of water each week on average. Keep in mind that when watering trees, it is best to go with a deeper and less frequent application of water. It would yield better results than more frequent and shallow irrigation.


Mulching is an important part of tree care. And even if you weren’t able to do it in springtime, don’t fear since you can still do it in summer. It offers several benefits, such as helping cut down weed competition, conserving soil moisture, and stabilizing the temperature of the soil. Use shredded hardwood mulch for the trees. Around three to four inches of this would suit your purpose. To do it the right way, form a donut shape with the mulch around the base of the tree. Avoid doing a mound mulch as it will only promote issues related to diseases and insects.


Fertilization is also very important in caring for trees during the summer season. It helps guarantee that the trees will receive adequate nutrition so that it can grow adequately. The trees will also grow leaves properly and be able to fend off diseases and insects. If the trees are growing in urban or suburban environments, which are considered high-stress areas for trees, there’s a greater need for adequate fertilization. It’s more than what trees that grow in more natural areas need, for sure.


Pruning might not seem like an activity that is mostly done during the summer. Some would consider it to be better suited during the so-called dormant season instead. But make no mistake that trimming can be done during the summer as well. Make sure to prune damaged, diseased, or dead branches from the trees. This is both for safety reasons and the health of the tree.

Pest Inspections

The summer is the best time to make tree pest inspections. Do this on a regular basis, especially since a lot of insects can be very harmful to trees. If you have a hard time identifying the insects, then you could seek the help of certified arborists. They can also provide assistance on other tree care tips for the summer season. Visit your nearest Tree Service in Grapevine TX today.