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Tree care tips for beginners

Tree planting is an exciting activity. 

That’s especially true for beginners in tree planting and care. 

However, tree planting is not that simple. There is some complexity to it and if beginners are not careful they might commit costly mistakes. So they need help, just like any other beginner.

After all, any mistakes made could result in the death of the trees and plants. No one wants that to happen, least of all the tree-planting beginners.

Here then are some tree care tips for beginners. Even old hands at tree planting might use some of the following information.

You Need to Choose the Right Tree

As a beginner, you need to be able to choose the right tree. Is it going to be compatible with the kind of soil that you have in your space? And will your space be able to accommodate the tree when it becomes fully grown? These are important questions that need to be answered as you choose the right tree to plant. One of the things that you need to be aware of is root growth. Will it take up too much space when it finally grows? When choosing a tree, look for one that has healthy and moist roots.

Choose the Right Time to Plant the Tree

Know the right time to plant the tree of your choice. Since you’re still a beginner, you might not know this at first. And this might come as a surprise to you, but this isn’t common knowledge and not a lot of people are aware of it. 

The number one tip here is to plant the tree when you’re sure that they have enough time to establish their roots. For example, the best time to plant most trees in the US is during the late summer months to the early part of fall. The roots should have ample time to acclimatize their roots to the soil before winter sets in.

Choose the Right Position to Plant Your Tree

There is also the right position in which to plant your tree and as a beginner, you need to know that too. The reason this is important is that the right position plays a role in energy conservation. 

For example, you can position small to medium-sized evergreen trees on the north and west sides of your property. There they can serve as windbreakers during the winter season. Another example is large crowned trees. They are ideally positioned on the south side of your property since they can provide shades for your windows.

Be Careful With Fertilization and Watering

Beginners tend to overdo things like fertilization and watering. You need to be aware of that so you wouldn’t fall victim to that yourself. Trees that have just been planted require enough water and fertilizer, but there is such a thing as having too much of it. Young trees have a limit in the amount of moisture and nutrients that they can properly absorb.

Each beginner needs to start somewhere, and for tree-planting newbies, that means starting with the basics. That includes tree care tips for beginners about things such as the best way to make them grow properly and the best location for them. And what comes next is the growth that every beginner wants! Visit your nearest Tree Service Colleyville TX Today.